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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 37

What? I never put this up? How did that happen?

Anywho, I'm sure everyone has seen this by now, but for the sake of completion, here is the link to Fujioshi's summary/pics of chapter 37 (link)!

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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 41 Summary

Fujioshi has been kind enough again to add photos and a summary of the newest Dengeki Daisy chapter! Be sure to comment and tell her thank you! (link) It's a fantastic chapter!!!!!!

Er, on a side note, I was playing around with pages (still have to edit the template so it's more visible). I know there are a ton of talented DD fans, so if anyone has any Dengeki Daisy fan art they've made, fan videos, etc that they'd like featured or linked here on a fan art tab leave a message or send me a pm on mangafox.

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Betsucomi #12

Betsucomi 12 is out in Japan today. While we wait for raws/summaries, here's the official teaser for the next chapter:

A big change in Kurosaki and Teru's relationship?!

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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 40 Raws

Tannie at mangafox has graciously scanned chapter 40 for everyone! Head on over to the RAWs thread to thank her and download!

Also, if you haven't see it yet, Fujioshi has provided a summary of the chapter here.

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Betsucomi #11

Yay! After a month break we have a new chapter coming out today!

So far from the betsucomi website we have a long awaited cover -

There is also another color picture for the cover of Volume 8!

Such an awesome gift after having a month of Dengeki Daisy withdraw. (^_^)

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Dengeki Daisy Break

Just a reminder that Dengeki Daisy is on break this month. Chapter 40 will be released in Betsucomi 11 out in October!

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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 26 - English

Ochibichan has released Dengeki Daisy Chapter 26! Head on over to their IRC channel to download and thank them for their hard work!

For those that need it, this page from Ochibichan's forums has IRC tutorials to help guide you.

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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 25 English

Ochibichan have release Chapter 25 in English! Go to their IRC channel to download and congratulate them on their FIVE year anniversary! Don't forget to say thank you!

For those that need it, this page from Ochibichan's forums has IRC tutorials to help guide you.

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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 39 Summaries

Animegakki has translated chapter 39 - it is available here! Make sure to give her a big thanks!

YESSS I finally finished translating chapter 39 after straining my eyes for 5 days My eyes are officially dead. Translations are a bit shake around pg 17,19-20, 23, & 26 but hey, my concentration was pretty much gone at that point. Here's chapter 39, translated to the best of my (lacking) ability………

Title Page
Souichirou—Teru’s brother who died to save DAISY. The feelings he left behind and the “sin” Kurosaki must overcome are…?

Pg 2

“Jack Frost.” It was a foreign legend’s spirit that took the form of a young boy who loved pranks—and cruelty. Anyone who made him angry became frozen in ice……

Pg 3

Bearing the same name as that spirit… the virus code that was created by Kurosaki: “Jack ‘O Frost”.
Riko: At that time… what was encrypted by Jack Frost was Souichirou’s PC and Professor Midorikawa’s research room’s PC… and at that time, Professor Midorikawa was…
Teru: … Was Kurosaki the one who did that? That kind of… there must be something else… is that Kurosaki’s “sin”…?

Pg 4

Is that really an unforgivable sin? Even if that was a judgment he wished for based on his own feelings……
Souichirou: … Yes
The only thing I can say for sure is—
Souichirou: … This is Kurebayashi Souichirou.
Guy: Excuse me for the sudden call. This is Professor Midorikawa’s legal advisor.
Riko: Who is it? Calling at this kind of time…
Souichirou: Eh? What was that? Could you please repeat that one more time…… what about the Professor? Taken away in an ambulance…? … What happened?
Guy: … I don’t know. And also… it seems that the whereabouts of the one who discovered the Professor and called the ambulance is unknown. He was a young man with blonde hair who called himself “Kurosaki”.

Pg 5

Onodzuka: Kurebayashi-kun! Goodness! This has turned into such a mess, hasn’t it? Your laptop was also affected, right? This is terrible.
Riko: Director Onodzuka…
Onodzuka: No, no, no! I understand. This wasn’t your fault. I see… so this is a sample of that code virus? It’s definitely that hacker Kurosaki-kun’s doing. There’s no mistake. I thought that he was a dangerous man from the very beginning. It seems your honored teacher Professor Midorikawa was also attacked by the same virus. Furthermore, this is regrettable. It seems that the Professor himself was attacked. It must be shocking, but please don’t let it get you down. Though you’re the boss, this isn’t your responsibility. This won’t damage your record. But you know, whatever happens from now on…
Souichirou: —Director.

Pg 6

Souichirou: Excuse me. I understand the situation very well. Will that be all? I have urgent work to attend to.
Onodzuka: Y… you’re right. How admirable. Even in this kind of situation… ahh, you should take your PC to the Damage and Repair Department.
Souichirou: That’s alright. I haven’t entered in any important data yet. But please hurry and get me a new one, okay? … Takeda. What happened?
Takeda: Why are you asking me? I don’t know anything. More importantly, aren’t you supposed to be getting back to work? It’s a job you have to do this minute, right?
Souichirou: Haha. You’re right. I will.
Riko: Sou… worrying about work at a time like this…
Souichirou: —Now then…

Pg 7

Souichirou: Let’s go, Team Kurebayashi! It seems like we’ve been dragged into a conspiracy. We’re going to go save the incompetent kid. Andy, I’ll hear about what happened later. For now, focus on what’s in front of you. I’m going to need your help. You, too, Master. Don’t blame yourself for what happened. I was the one responsible for keeping an eye on him. Your true worth is with the nation, right? I’m counting on you. Riko, don’t worry. The Tasuku you’ve known till now, believe in him. First, we have to find and secure Tasuku. That’s the top priority. We’ll figure out what to do from there.

Pg 8

—The only thing I can say for sure is… there was no hesitation in Souichirou’s decision to save Kurosaki. From beginning ‘til the end—
(the rest of the text is just an announcement about the trains)

Pg 9

Man: “—This is not an order. It’s a request. However, please think it over carefully. We accepted your entry into the company with good intentions. We took you in regardless of the heavy damage of your former crime. You understand, correct? I hear you went to college and are aiming for employment as a researcher. That kind of thinking is a bit na├»ve, is it not? That’s right. First, you must atone for what you’ve done.”

Pg 10

Man: “Isn’t this fortunate? This means your sin can become the price of forgiveness. Your product, Jack ‘O Frost, is the only thing that is of value. That’s right. That’s correct. Of course you want to be forgiven. It has certainly been accepted. Oh, that’s right. ‘What will I use it for?’, right? Professor Midorikawa is acquaintance of yours, isn’t he?”

Pg 11

Man: “He will tell you. He’ll tell you everything. That person was very worried about you after all… he kept saying that there was something he wanted to tell you no matter what.”

Pg 12

Man: “He surely wanted to tell you that your sins have been forgiven.”
(more train announcements)

Pg 13

(and more train announcements…)

pg 14

(Souichirou saves Kurosaki)

Pg 15

Souichirou: Honestly… what do you think you’re doing? I finally found you. Ahh, hello Master? Amazing, it’s just as you thought. Yeah, I caught him at the train station. You were right on the mark. I’ll talk to you later, okay? … That’s no good, Tasuku. The train home isn’t this way. Next time, you have to follow the rules of the train station. That was dangerous. Are you mad? Well, after this you’ll be getting a lecture from me, so I’m taking you with me, alright?

Pg 16

Riko: —Souichirou slowly spent time getting Kurosaki to tell him what happened. The Professor passed away. He was injected with drugs and then beaten to death… at a glance, anyone could mistake it for suicide.
Teru: … Kurosaki wasn’t the one who killed him, right?
Riko: Of course he didn’t. The criminal was someone else. Kurosaki called an ambulance but he was too late… he’s not a slow, thick-headed person. Yet, even though he saw everything in the Professor’s room, he didn’t think that the Professor would be attacked by the Jack Frost that he himself created.

Pg 17

Riko: In order to manipulate Kurosaki, the criminal used his “guilt for his sin”. With just that, he was able to paralyze Kurosaki’s ability to think clearly as well as his ability to tell right from wrong. Why did he think “I have to make up for my sin here and now”? Why was the compensation Jack Frost? These tricky questions he held onto made him think he was sinful. Do you understand that kind of feeling? Teru-chan……
Mori: “What if you helped catch the criminal? If you do that, you’ll be forgiven… that’s fine, isn’t it?”

Pg 18

Teru: … Yes… I do…
Souichirou: Eat up! This shumai is delicious, you know? You’ve been talking so much. Are you tired? Do you want something to drink?

Pg 19

Souichirou: … I won’t say that you weren’t wrong.
Kurosaki: Yeah.
Souichirou: … But that must’ve been hard on you… (idk what he says next. Something about being unreasonable and shameless/bold or something :P)

Pg 20

Souichirou: And you know, Tasuku, there’s one thing you’re misunderstanding. The Professor’s death wasn’t because of your Jack Frost. In fact, it definitely wasn’t a suicide.
Kurosaki: Eh…
Souichirou: He was killed by a criminal who tried to frame you (that is probably most likely wrong). The Professor wasn’t the kind of man who would commit suicide. If the data was damaged by Jack Frost, he would’ve focused his will-power on creating a solution from scratch. That’s why the criminal killed the Professor and attacked the data on his PC. By doing that from the beginning, the information the Professor was waiting for was completely destroyed. Using Jack Frost to attack the data… turned out smoothly. Even the murder, everything was probably planned to push you to the edge. You even tried to kill yourself. Makes me think everything went according to plan. After all, a dead person can’t talk.

Pg 21

Souichirou: And then…
Teru: Onii-chan, since when did you get home… oh, a guest?
Souichirou: That’s right. He’s a friend from work.
Teru: G-good evening! I’m his younger sister, Teru. Thank you for always looking after my brother.
Kurosaki: Y... yeah… sorry for being here this late…
Souichirou: What’s wrong, Teru? Why don’t you come over here if you’re going to introduce yourself?
Teru: I can’t! My hair’s all messy and I’m in my pajamas! Excuse me for my smelly brother! It was nice to meet you! Good night!
Souichirou: So? That is my pride and soul! Is she cute? She’s cute, isn’t she?
Kurosaki: … No, well… I didn’t even see her face.
Souichirou: Even if you have thoughts of making her your bride, I won’t let you have her.
Kurosaki: … I wasn’t thinking that, idiot.
Souichirou: Huh? I definitely insulted you just now, didn’t I? Sorry, I was just kidding.
Kurosaki: IDIOT!!

Pg 22

Souichirou: Hey. This was given to me from the Professor. He asked me to look at it if anything were to happen to him. Out of the many sheets of paper in here, one of them was addressed to you. The Professor knew that he was being targeted. Seems like he was prepared to some degree. If by chance something were to happen, as long he was able to pass on this piece of information to us, then I think he had no regrets.
Letter: —To Kurosaki-kun

Pg 23

Letter: Kurosaki-kun, if you are reading this letter, then I am most likely already dead. Even so, there are some things I must tell you no matter what. Your father—Takahiro-kun was an extraordinary person. He was definitely not a dirty spy or anything of that sort. I betrayed him for my own personal reasons. I wanted make the truth and the reason for my betrayal clear. I always believed I should be punished for what I did. If I finished carrying that out, I would continue to be punished in hell. Please forgive me. You are young. No matter what, you will be okay. Be happy and fortunate. I will be accompanying your father in heaven.

Pg 24

Souichirou: … Tasuku. What will you do from now on?
Kurosaki: I… I’ll hand myself over to the police. Even if I was dragged into this, the one who made Jack Frost was me…
Souichirou: Yes, that’s right. That’s a good idea. If it’s a sin you can atone for, then you should atone for it. Tell them the truth.
Kurosaki: Yeah.
Souichirou: Everyone will be waiting for you.
Kurosaki: Yeah.
Souichirou: If you come back, I might even let you date my sister.
Kurosaki: ………………… Yeah.
The next day, Kurosaki turned himself into the police.

Pg 25

Then, several days later—
Souichirou: Riko, where’s Andy?
Riko: He’s not here today either. In the end, he must’ve felt that he was responsible and is feeling down. I was told he reported the conversation he had the day he met the professor to the director. It seems like he knew the Professor’s decipher of Jack was being hindered… (most likely wrong)
Souichirou: Well, of course. It was the enterprise that created Jack. They would want to prevent having it deciphered.
Riko: …… Even if they had to “kill”? Within in the company…
Souichirou: Moreover, the guy who dragged Tasuku into this, it seems he was a representative from the Director’s personal department who called himself “Nakano” but… here’s no such person in the department.
Riko: Then that means that there’s an outside accomplice?
Souichirou: Possibly… (can’t make out the furigana but something about the detectives in the area working together maybe?)

Pg 26

Riko: Alright, I got it. Let sleeping dogs lie. (for those who don’t know, it means to leave the situation alone so you won’t cause trouble) As I thought, you want Tasuku to be innocent. Even if we’re cheating.
The truth is, Master had already informed us of the progress.
Souichirou: This means that Jack Frost is involved in more than a highly classified national code. The same as before, it’s made to silence us. But I don’t know if taking Tasuku was a good thing or not… (this whole part is most likely wrong…)
Instead of being accused for the creation of the virus, the whole case would be buried in the darkness. We felt somewhat angry, but it couldn’t be helped. (because the Professor’s death wouldn’t be investigated)
Souichirou: In the end, what should Tasuku do? … What exactly is a sin…?
We thought that Kurosaki would be coming back to us soon—

Pg 27

But soon after, the situation completely turned around.
Souichirou: … What? Tasuku is the murder suspect…?
The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ bureaucrats and Master did it in complete secrecy.
Souichirou: Hey, Master! What the hell is this guy saying?! What does he mean?! This is completely different from what you told me!
Master: Listen to me dammit! This is infuriating to me, too!
Souichirou: What the hell! Please investigate this properly! There’s just no way!! Tasuku confessed, didn’t he?!
Man: No… it’s not like that.

Pg 28

Man: We were pressured by a politician. This case was being silenced by a group more powerful than us. That politician is this case’s principle offender. The information the Professor was waiting to present to the public was extremely feared. The director of your company was forced to cooperate to obtain the virus and launched the attack. (either that or the director cooperated and forced the attack… one or the other :P) Furthermore, the murderer of the Professor… the same perpetrator that Kurosaki-san made Jack Frost for… is the politician’s personal secretary.
Souichirou: … Hey, hold on a minute. If you know that much, then just arrest them already. It’s just them trying to silence the case, right?
Man: … There’s not enough evidence. Not just this case. The case from seven years ago—the death of our friend Kurosaki Takahiro—also did not have enough evidence.

Pg 29

Man:—This is Professor Midorikawa’s laptop hard drive. Everything is encrypted by Jack Frost. Please, Kurebayashi Souichirou-san. Please decode it. Inside is the evidence we need. The Professor is now dead. The only chance we have of decoding Jack Frost… the “trump card” of this investigation is you. If you can successfully decode it, I will definitely make sure that Kurosaki Tasuku-kun’s innocence is restored!

Pg 30

Riko: What’re you saying?! That—
Souichirou: Quiet, Riko. You’re saying you understand, don’t you? (think that might be wrong) This is the same as threatening me. You’re saying you don’t know what’ll happen to Tasuku… saying that much must mean that. You also know about my sickness, don’t you?
Riko: Eh…?
Souichirou: No matter how you look at it, this is unorthodox. I can't imagine you're the same as us humans. You’re even worse than that damn politician.
Man: … Yes, I know. It’s just as you said.
Souichirou: … You were prepared to lose everything by coming here, weren’t you?
Man: Yes.
Souichirou: You’ll really, truly try to help Tasuku, right?
Man: Yes.

Pg 31

With the remaining six months of his life…
Souichirou: “Really, I’ll protect you. Even if I die, I’ll protect you. If you want, I’ll protect you even after I die—“
Souichirou devoted everything he had to decoding Jack.

Pg 32

Riko: Even if he devoted his time on his medical treatment, the chance of being cured was slim… he threw that possibility away and put his life on the line to protect Kurosaki… Kurosaki didn’t know anything at all. When he finally came back, Souichirou was already on the hospital bed…
Souichirou: “Welcome back, Tasuku.”
Riko: That was where the “DAISY” you knew was born.

Pg 33

Riko: Kurosaki has continued to look after you…
Hey, Onii-chan.
Riko: Just as Souichirou told him to.
I understand. You weren’t mistaken.
Riko: Even so, Kurosaki has continued to suffer. He believes that “DAISY’S” sin cannot be forgiven.
From now on, I’m going to go save Kurosaki.

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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 39 RAW

Dengeki Daisy chapter 39 is out! Please go here to download!

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New Betsucomi

The official preview says: "Kurosaki's past and his sin are revealed!"

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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 38

Chapter 38 raws have been released! Head here to download!

Fujioshi has provided an excellent summary here!!

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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 36 Translation

*Disclaimer: All work is by Motomi Kyousuke-sensei. Please be sure to buy Dengeki Daisy when it is available in your area!

Please do not use translations or raws provided here without permission and definitely not for scanlations!

Animegakki was super amazing to translate chapter 36 completely! Be sure to give *lots* of thanks! *gives best we're not worthy bow to animegakki!*

It's 4 in the morning, I have 3 exams later, and here I am translating DD -_-
Took me a while but here's the full translation of ch 36.

pg 1

title page

pg 2

Akira: Say, Teru-chan, how long are you gonna be like this? I’ve said it so many times, you should understand by now. DAISY killed your brother. He himself admitted it wasn’t a lie. That’s the “truth.”

pg 3

Akira: So even if you act like this, DAISY isn’t going to come bac—
Teru: Stop it already. How many times are you going to use the same trick? You always appear as that shit Akira but it’s actually you isn’t it, Onii-chan?
Soujirou: Y… you figured out. As expected of my sister.
Teru: I also know that this is all a dream. Therefore I can take on any form I want.
Soujirou: Absolutely not!!! Even if this is a dream, I won’t forgive that kind of thing!
Teru: Speaking of which, whenever I’m having a difficult time, you always appear in my dream to preach to me. Is that okay? Did you go to heaven properly?
Soujirou: But compared to Teru’s worrying, I’m more useful this way, right?

pg 4

Teru: … You’re right. Thank you. I understand what you’re trying to tell me Onii-chan. Kurosaki… DAISY killing Onii-chan is definitely one part of the “truth.” But… “There are only as many truths as the number of people who tell them. Some people tell the truth while others distort them. Therefore, you must choose the answer with your heart.”

pg 5

Teru: The words that you gave to me back then… I wonder if it was for a time like this. I wonder, can I definitely choose the right answer?
Hey DAISY...
Soujirou: It’s fine. Even if it isn’t the right answer, it’s fine if you choose an answer for your own sake. Something like the “right answer” is only known by God.
I wonder, will my answer be able to save you?

pg 6

Kurosaki: Thanks. You took a look at the mail for me, right? No, I know your face… you took the last train home yesterday, right? Look out the window from the west side. Hey, nice to meet you. I’m right here. No, it’s fine. I won’t be a bother to your family. Well, probably. Just for a little bit! I just want you to hear what I have to say. Alright then, I’ll be waiting at the designated shop tonight.
Kid: Hey, hey. Is Dad off from work today? Mai-chan will take a day off too so she can play with Dad!
Kid’s Mother: You can’t do that. Your friends and teachers are waiting for you at school, right?

pg 7

Kid: Then let’s sing (some song…) together! If we do, then I’ll go to school!
Kid’s Mother: Eh? But it’s embarrassing right now… that handsome young man is watching…
Kid: Why? You always sing it at home, don’t you?
Kid’s Mother: Then… (she’s singing)
Young Kurosaki: Hey, Dad…

pg 8

Young Kurosaki: You’re humming again, Dad.
Kurosaki’s Dad: Ahh, sorry. I do it unintentionally when I’m in a good mood sometimes.
Young Kurosaki: That’s fine but, what song is that?
Kurosaki’s Dad: It’s a song that Mom’s obsessed with. She would get embarrassed so she didn’t tell me the lyrics to the song. It was also used in a famous movie. It’s a really old love song.
Kurosaki: (singing song)

pg 9

My cute person… please answer me somehow. No matter how ridiculous I seem to become, I am in love you.

pg 10

Teru: Wah, it’s so clear outside… so it only snowed a little bit after all.
Riko: Teru-chan, it’s me. Are you awake?
Teru: Ah, Riko-san! Good morning!! Sorry for completely sleeping in so late these past few days!
Riko: No, no, it’s fine! You seem okay and lively! You’re well enough to make breakfast now, right? (something along those lines?) After that… about that story, is tonight okay? It’s a bit abrupt but we’re also going to be taking up the chairman’s time so…
Teru: Yes, definitely. Please. The sooner the better.
Riko: Teru-chan, is it okay? Really… even if we tell you…

pg 11

Andou: The codename (or code) of the virus that Kurosaki made… Jack o’ Frost… the story behind that is a bit delicate. Please, let’s decide on a place where I can explain this to you slowly. We also don’t know the whole story behind it. For the person that has to take responsibility, it’s a very complicated (something… that sentence is probably wrong. can’t read the furigana ) Even if you put in great effort, drama and speculation might get mixed in. Even so, is that okay?
Teru: Please. Please tell me. I want to know about Jack o’ Frost that everyone is talking about as well as Kurosaki’s past.

pg 12

Truthfully, I’m still a bit scared. The “truth” that I’m trying to find may be a “truth” I’m better off not knowing. Whether I want to choose the right answer or whether I want to save you with my answer… those kinds of thoughts might have just been me being arrogant from the start. Even so DAISY, as long as I know nothing about you, I’m useless.

pg 13

If being selfish and finding an answer for myself is really okay, then please… I want to know everything that you’ve been hiding from me. Everything except for the warmth of your skin… (uhh… last part is most definitely wrong :P I tried…)

Skipping over pg 14… they’re just joking around about how all the guys are in glasses :P

pg 15

Teru: Anyway, I was really surprised that you also came, Takeda-san…
Takeda: Ah, sorry. There was something I wanted to tell you. I met Kurosaki just the other day. He disappeared so that he could destroy “Jack o’ Frost” by himself.
Teru: Eh…? Jack o’ Frost again…

pg 16

Takeda: … at least that’s what he said but, that’s probably just a front he’s putting up. I wonder if he overreacted and ran away from you because he thought too much of you. To put it another way, it’s the wild running of an incompetent guy who can’t come up with a single good excuse. He’s probably missed his footing and needs your help. Well, that was everything I had to say…
Masuda: Wait, Takeda. Finish the story where you left off. I’m leaving. Sorry Teru-chan. Some information just came in. There’re already enough people here. Besides, I’m turning my attention to hunting down Kurosaki.
Teru: Eh, Master…
Andou: Are you sure? About “Jack’s” matter…
Masuda: I don’t mind. You tell her for me. It’s not my duty to complain to those above. (uhh…that’s probably wrong…) Even if something happens, I’ll take responsibility for it… sorry but, I’m leaving it to you.

pg 17

Teru: … Umm… what’s wrong with Master? (Don’t quite know how to translate what she says next…)
Andou: Say Teru-chan… this may surprise you but the truth is that Masuda… Master is a person connected to the Ministry of Public Management. And so, under that pretext, he must keep surveillance over the hacker Kurosaki. (or something like that… I can’t translate that last bubble cuz of all the kanji so this is as close as I’m gonna get :\ sorry)

pg 18

Teru: The Ministry of Public Management?! Eh…?
Andou: It’s alright. He’s an ally. Please don’t misunderstand. Before that, he was our former colleague. As far as Kurosaki’s concerned, he’s anxious about Kurosaki from the bottom of his heart (I think?). When I said that it was a delicate story… this was what I meant… in other words, Jack o’ Frost is entangled in a series of cases. It’s no small matter. It is a case that affects highly classified information on a national level.

pg 19

Kurosaki: Hey. Speak to me clearly already, Matoba-san. “Jack o’ Frost”… where is it right now?
Matoba: Like I said… it’s already been sold.
Kurosaki: That’s why I’m asking who you sold it to.
Matoba: I can’t say…
Kurosaki: Alright then, can’t you just make another one and sell it to me?
Matoba: I can’t make it! I wasn’t the one who made it!!

pg 20

Kurosaki: Then that means it was manufactured (I took a wild guess…). From where?
Matoba: Y… yes… um… that… from F University’s… research lab…
Kurosaki: So it was a failure. He’s just a decoy…
Matoba: Um… please. Don’t let this story leave this place. If necessary, I’ll pay you as much as you want.
Kurosaki: I don’t need money. Anyway, you have a kid, right? A kindergartner. The one good at singing “Gingarenja” (name of the song from earlier), Mai-chan. Her cuteness takes after her mother, doesn’t it?
Matoba: Please, stop!! She’s only a child……
Kurosaki: Really? If so…

pg 21

Kurosaki: Then cut off all ties with the person who’s making you do these kinds of things. I don’t know what weakness of yours he took advantage of but do something about it. If you get ruined by this kind of thing, the one who’s going to be troubled is that child, right? Get yourself together, “Dad”. (no… he’s not kurosaki’s dad. he’s just saying it in general cuz the guy has a kid)
Kurosaki: Dad.

pg 22

Takeda: Kiyoshi-kun! Thanks for all your hard work, cook. You must be tired. I’ll switch places with you.
Kiyoshi: Ah… but the preparations are pretty much finished.
Takeda: Even so, let me switch with you. The others are starting a serious conversation. It might be good for you to hear it.
Andou: Teru-chan… are you interested in “codes?”
Teru: Yes. Recently, I’ve been studying a bit with books.

pg 23

Teru: It’s “something” that’s used in order to protect information and communicate safely! Things such as MISTY and RSA are some examples! (that part is definitely wrong :P anyways MISTY and RSA are encryption algorithms)
Andou: That’s right. Generally speaking, they’re incredible “somethings.” Throughout the world, codes are made by one party and are deciphered by another.
Teru: I see. So the precious information goes around struggling. That’s not a good thing.
Andou: Well… among that kind of world’s circumstances, even our country, the development of the original code was carried out. Something fancy called “Raiden”. It’s nothing but a code to make use of the nation’s important information.
Teru: Umm… when will I learn about Kurosaki or Jack Frost?
Kiyoshi: No… hold on a minute. “Raiden”…

pg 24

Kiyoshi: I’ve never heard of something called “Raiden” before. Even on the government endorsed list, there was no such…
Andou: That’s right, Kiyoshi-kun. The existence of this code is (something… can’t read the furigana). The country’s objective for its development as well as whether it’s for personal or public use is not official. Even within in the country, the number of people who know of its existence is very few. That means that you two are joining the group of people who know. There’s a chance you might get captured by foreign spies. Even if you get tortured, do your best and endure it, okay? Alright? I’m going to continue the story now.
Kiyoshi and Teru: ………………… Yes……

pg 25

Andou: Well then, let’s continue. About that “Raiden’s” code, those involved with its development at that time… called it “Jack” as a codename.
Teru: “Jack”?
Andou: During the war, there was a domestic fighter aircraft that was the same as “Raiden”, and it seems that it was called “Jack” by the Americans (I think?) The one who proposed the project was a politician from that time. And the Ministry of Public Management tried to set it in motion. The ones who came up with the “Raiden’s” algorithm was that enterprise. From “Raiden’s” development to its use, its business was mostly monopolized by this enterprise.

pg 26

Andou: And then members for the inspection party, specialists and college researchers, gathered. The people in this area were trapped by the pressure of the politicians and enterprise. To put it bluntly, it seems that they were like yes-man.
Teru: Eh… isn’t that kind of thing bad…?
Kiyoshi: They probably went through great pains for the domestic development of that code. Why wouldn’t they do it? (I think? it’s context doesn’t seem to match tho…)
Andou: Hahaha. Indeed so. I’m very sorry…
Riko: The political administration at that time was dangerous. If the cabinet member’s face was known, the project itself might’ve gone bankrupt.
Teru: I understand those people’s expectations but… wasn’t there anyone against it?
Andou: No, there were some people that were against it.

pg 27

Andou: One of them was Professor Midorigawa Hideo. He was from the faction that argued that safety inspections should be carried out more thoroughly
Kiyoshi: Eh? Eh?! Professor Midorigawa?! As in the one who wrote this book?! Uwahhh! So he was on the side of justice after all! Of course, I also think that they should do it with more discretion!!!!
Teru: “Professor Midorigawa.” Where have I heard that before…? If I’m not mistaken, I heard it from Onii-chan—
Andou: The professor also proposed high-handed business deals with the enterprise.
Soujirou: “It’s all thanks to Professor Midorigawa.”
Andou: There were many various ones so it must’ve been difficult…
Soujirou: “So it’s okay. Let’s try our best with the two of us…”

pg 28

Teru: Umm…
Kiyoshi: No, no, no! Wait just a minute!! The professor did all of that and there was no one to support him?!
Andou: No, it seems there were supporters in the Ministry of Public Management. It seems there were also bureaucrats who supported him from the Shinchou* faction (shinchou means discretion/prudence, but discretion/prudence faction sounds funky so…) In particularly, there was the professor’s former student. He was an efficient bureaucrat but… the dying (maybe?) professor's inevitable death seemed to persuade them. However… soon, the Shinchou faction’s activities quieted down. Taking advantage of the situation…

pg 29

Andou: One bureaucrat secretly took out Jack’s highly classified information… and it fell into the hands of a contact who planned to sell it overseas. The one who was contacted… was Professor Midorigawa. The suspect died during the pursuit. Whether it was an accident or a murder was unable to be determined and… that suspected bureaucrat’s name was…

pg 30

Andou: Kurosaki Takahiro. He was accused of being a shameful spy and died. He was a capable bureaucrat with a lot of backbone. Like the professor, he someone who would guide the future of Jack in the right direction.

pg 31

Andou: And… he was Kurosaki Tasuku’s father.
Kurosaki: Dad, what’s wrong…? …Why…? Dad…

pg 32

Kurosaki: Da…d…
Teru: Wait a minute! Someone who thought so importantly of Jack… was actually really trying to sell it? Was there any evidence? Could it be that Kurosaki……
If that incident never happened…

pg 33

Andou: That’s right. Several years after, the Ministry of Public Management began and the organizations that had to do with Jack launched crack attacks one by one.
Kurosaki would always have been Kurosaki. The Kurosaki who believes that he cannot be forgiven for his sins…
Andou: In order to find the reason behind his father’s death… Kurosaki became DAISY the hacker.
… Definitely would've never been born.

Those last few pages (25 onward) were brutal to translate -_-
Sorry if some parts didn’t make sense. It's late... I tried my best :P

EDITED: Okay, so I fixed some of the messed up translations from pg 27 onwards. Things should make more sense now

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PART 1 - Dengeki Daisy 35 Summary

*Translations are not perfect. Do not use translations for scanlations of any kind! Do not post anywhere without asking first!

To be finished later when the full chapter is available...

The first part is Teru dreaming.

Kurosaki: Teru, I’m sorry. It was me who killed your brother. I understand you cannot forgive this. I’m sorry.
Teru: Wait! Please, don’t leave! Please! Stay by my side…I --
Akira: Heehee! Give it up already. Daisy’s already long gone. Don’t you understand reality? Right now you have nothing. Saying “Don’t leave,” “Stay by my side,” “I believe in you”
Teru: (No way…Why? Save me. Protect me, Daisy. )
Akira: Don’t you understand? I’ll say it more simply, okay? When he left, Daisy didn’t even look back.
Sou: Daisy killed me. This is a fact. Understand? Because of this, Daisy has ran away from your side.
Teru: (why?)
(Akira turns into Sou in Teru's dream.)
Sou: In this way whether you cry or grieve, your gentle Daisy will not return.
Teru: (why Onii-chan…)
Sou: You don’t get it? From now on things are different. Do you still want Daisy to rescue you?

Teru's dream ends when she gets woken by Riko. Teru is lying on the floor beneath a stove with a pot cooking.

…-ru-chan!....Teru-chan! Teru-chan!!!! Snap out of it!!! Teru-chan…!
Teru: …ah….huh? Riko-san…what the..?
Riko: Don’t what me!! That was scary! Are you okay? Are you ill!? You must have inhaled the gas and passed out…
Teru: (Ah..that’s right…) aha…sorry….Dang…I must have dozed off while cooking…Today I’m making curry! It’s sweet curry. I think Kurosaki will want to some when he comes back….Riko-san, do you want some too? You were out late and I was getting hungry
Riko: …I’m sorry, Teru-chan…Kurosaki is still missing…Master, the chairman, they’ve both been frantically looking as well…So please, stay strong. I’m so really sorry. To think it’s become like this….

There is back story of what happened when Teru was in the hospital after the ferriswheel incident. I'll translate this tomorrow.

The scene switches to Kurosaki after that. It looks like he's somewhere near the ocean. It turns out he didn't throw his phone away in the previous chapter (even though he tossed his laptop). He has a ton of missed calls, voice mails, and mails. He's listening to a voicemail from Riko.

"…it’s Riko. Where are you? What are you doing? Everyone is worried about you. …Teru too…."

He snaps his phone shut. Takeda meets him and they start talking.

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Chapter 34 Translation

Page 19:
T: Onii-chan didn’t die because he was sick? Daisy ‘killed’ him? That’s obviously nonsense! Why would Daisy do such a terrible thing?
A: Hm? Ah, that’s right. I get it. Killed isn’t quite the right word I guess…How about, “It was Daisy’s fault your brother passed away.” It’s more specific if I say it that way, right?
Daisy created this bad thing that started a lot of trouble. Your brother was dragged into this. It used up all his strength. It killed him.

Page 31-34
Teru, I’m sorry. You said it was me who killed your precious nii-san. That is the truth. I believe it can never be forgiven.
T: Kurosaki!! Kurosaki!!!! Please answer your phone!!!
I’ve hurt you. I will disappear. I am a coward.
T: That mail was a lie! It wasn’t from me! You know that, right?! Don’t leave!!!
Please, hate me.
T: Move this ferris wheel faster! Faster!!! Daisy’s leaving!! Hurry!!! Don’t leave, Daisy! Don’t leave!!! Don’t… (Akira uses a stun-gun on Teru)
For pretending to not know my true identity – thank you.
A: ..what the heck…all that for Daisy…
For always standing beside me smiling – thank you.
For accepting my uncute mean temper – thank you.

Chapter 26 (very partial)

Page 32 is basically a monologue of Teru thinking in her head. These are all direct Teru thoughts:

She says she doesn't remember very much about 'that time' which I assume is the time from just a few minutes ago? (Sorry, its late, I could be wrong)

I see Master.

He is saying "Arai is alright."

I'm relieved. I closed my eyes it feels like.

I can hear a heart beating fast. It's not mine.

I'm warm and sleepy.

She says something like she feels someone's cheek on her head or something (didn't bother too much with this because it confused me).

Page 33:

Teru: ...rigato....daisuki .....Daisy.... (She's saying thank you, but not saying the full word - (rigato instead of arigatou) I think just to emphasize she's kind of out of it. Daisuki is basically 'I love you'

(Teru thinking again)

I feel like I said something but I don't remember.

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Dengeki Daisy Chapters 1 through 18

Just for the sake of completeness, I am adding these links here.

Download Dengeki Daisy Scanlations from Ochibichan's Website.


Read Dengeki Daisy Scanlations at Manga Toshokan.

Dengeki Daisy Chapter 28 Partial Translation

Here is a scene many will be interested in, be warned though, this contains a big spoiler concerning Sou.

If you want to follow along with the raws, it starts at page 17.

Chairman: …Now that you mention it Kurebayashi-san, do you have a friend called Akira?
Teru: Akira…?
Chairman: I heard from Arai sensei in the hospital. He was contacted by him during the fake mail incident…A guy about your age
Teru: Akira…? I don’t have a friend like that…it’s really an extremely common name…
Chairman: That’s true, the school also has 12 people by that name
Master: Oi, Andou…are you going to eat anything or just drink sake? (Andou = the chairman)
Chairman: Ho, nicely spotted, excuse me
: page 18:
Chairman: today my appetite is kind of bad. Maa…I guess things have just been really hectic, but it can’t be helped
Teru sort of freaks out and says he needs to go to be seen by a doctor, knocking his sake all over him. :3
Teru: S-sorry I freaked out…but at home my older brother also said such a thing before.....before he died….
…It was an advanced stomach tumor
But no one noticed until he collapsed during work…
S…I’m sorry…I poked my nose in your business
Chairman pats her on the head.
Chairman: You must excuse me, don’t worry about my health…how about some dessert? I feel my appetite coming back a bit..
Teru/Chairman? Okay! Now…how about some custard…
*cue brooding Kurosaki*


Teru’s on the phone with Riko when someone bumps into her
Teru: Ah – excuse me
Stranger: iie, gomen ne (lit. no, I’m sorry, the ‘ne’ softens it and for a guy saying it, it kind of gives it a gentleness and maybe familiarness)
Teru: Me too………………………
Riko (on the phone) : Teru chan is something wrong?
Teru: A…no, it’s nothing. So at 7:00…(conversation fades off)
Teru monologue:
…I became concerned about that man
I didn’t get a very good look at his face but
I was feeling he resembled onii chan
I had no way of noticing that this person was "Akira" about whom the chief director was talking at that time…

Dengeki Daisy Chapter 32 Summary

Disclaimer: This is a rough translation and grammar wise because I did it in a hurry.

Kurosaki is woken by Sou who tells him ‘Tasuku-chan’ will catch a cold dozing off in a place like this, and thanks him for working so late.

Sou starts talking to Kurosaki about things Kurosaki has done up until that he feels sorry for and to not dwell on painful memories because one day he will have someone who is special to him he wants to protect and his painful experiences will give him the wisdom to do that (or something). Kurosaki asks what is with him and tells him to stop preaching like Sou is an older brother to him. Sou says ‘Sorry, sorry, I’m only trying to help, Tasuku-chan.’ Sou notices the time and says he has to be leaving because he has a cute younger sister waiting for him at home.

Kurosaki remembers that Sou lives alone with his sister and says that shouldn’t your younger sister have already gone to bed (since it is so late). Sou says yes, but he likes to be able to secretly kiss her sleeping face. Kurosaki says ‘What? How inappropriate…your poor little sister.’

Sou responds that she shouldn’t be pitied because something like she’s a cute angel, and if Tasuku also met her then he would surely feel the same way. Kurosaki basically says – meet your sister? Isn’t she in junior high? And says he is not a pervert and isn’t interested in young girls.

Sou gets an evil look on his face and says ‘Well…I wouldn’t be betting on that’ and ‘wasn’t it said you and I are alike? The day will someday come when you will realize that probably! Fufufufufufu’

Riko comes up to Kurosaki in a fetal position and asks him what’s wrong. He tells her he was having a reminiscent dream about Souichirou. He tells RIko he heard she met someone at professor’s grave. Riko tells him it was someone she’s never met before, but he really resembled Souichirou, his atmosphere. In the end, she says, it wasn’t him at all and he had an unpleasant feeling about him. She thought that this was Akira that Arai had told them about in chapter 31, and describes what she saw of him. She thinks he could be the guy who kissed Teru.

Teru is wearing a mask that says ichi nishi ichi zen which is kind of complicated, I borrowed this from a website:
The name is Ichi Nishi Ichi Zen, translating roughly into "One day, one good deed". And the idea is each of us sharing something good we did today. No matter how big or small. It could be something nice you did for someone else or just being polite to a stranger.

He asks her what it’s all about and it is obviously to protect her from being kissed. They argue, Kurosaki says she shouldn’t have a discouraged attitude, and Teru says she thought the guy who kissed her resembled her Onii-chan and so she let her guard down and that it was miserable. Teru goes to put the mask on, but Kurosaki stops her, I think he says something like this isn’t an oil field so you don’t need to wear that – but I don’t think that is right. :3

Kurosaki admits maybe it’s necessary, but right now he is here implying he’ll protect her so she doesn’t need it.

Dengeki Daisy Chapter 33 Partial Translation

Animegakki was kind enough to do a partial translation of chapter 33, posted on Mangafox: link

Make sure to thank them!

Dengeki Daisy Chapter 34 Teaser

Teaser for 34 in April Betsucomi:

Apparently there's some really sad scenes. Kurosaki/Daisy ( one of which I think at least) sends Teru a mail. Spoilers say that thanks to Daisy, the ferris wheel starts moving again. Teru tries to call Kurosaki but he doesn't answer. Teru is anxiously crying and afraid Kurosaki will go away if she and Akira do not hurry up.

Chapter 25 Translation

On Mangafox, thanks to the wonderful twilightstarx: link

Chapter 24 Translation

On Mangafox, thanks to the wonderful twilightstarx: link

Chapter 31 Partial Translation

This is a rough translation and is probably not perfect. It is NOT to be used for scanlation. Don't use without my permission. The way I have translated I will know if you steal this!

(And I haven't forgotten about finishing 20, I've been working on that too. I was busier than expected this break, interested in what was going on with Akira, and pissed off at the few select individuals sounding like they were going to steal translations here.)

Page 1
Kuro: …what a mess (idk this part confused me, something about ‘your grave’ probably talking about the leaves on it). Well I guess people don’t come up here in mountain areas much anyways. I guess I’m the first to come here…It might be annoying…but I wanted to leave these flowers here…”professor”
The name on the grave is only partially shown, but starts with “Midori-“
Teru: (I wonder where Kurosaki went on his half holiday after leaving this morning)
Kiyoshi: It’s gotten a lot colder recently, you know
Teru: Ah…I guess…
Kiyoshi: Teru, did you prepare for today’s class?
(Teru see’s Akira with yo-yo)
Teru: (What’s with the yo-yo? At a time like this?)
Remembering from previous chapter: (Akira: Sorry ‘bout that. Teru: Me too.)
Teru: (Hey…)
Teru: (To Akira) Um…excuse me
Kiyoshi: (getting on bus) Teru?
(Not sure who says this, thought Kiyoshi, but maybe Akira?) Is it really good to not be riding the bus?
Akira: (To Teru) Thanks, it’s okay. (pats Teru’s bag) You too. Hurry and get on the bus.
Bus door closes and Teru looks back at Akira.
Teru: I wonder if he really resembles (oniichan)? I really think he does…
Akira waves bye @ Teru as the bus pulls away
Kiyoshi: What’s with that face? And who was that guy just now?
Teru: I’m not sure…but don’t you think he resembled my oniichan?
Kiyoshi: Ah…did he?
Teru: (I was simply a little happy. By chance, I had come to care about this stranger a little. I hope I get to see him one more time. )
Teru: Huh? Where did my commuter pass go?
Sign: Hospital
Arai: “Akira’s” detailed description…hmmmm lets see…well, he was wearing a hood and baseball cap which really disguised his appearance. I didn’t really get a good look at his face. He did have long black hair.
Kurosaki: And? You said his height was about the same as you…around 170cm…

Page 20
Akira: Yo!
Teru: (Wah..again already…) H-hello! Thanks for this morning
Akira: That’s an interesting position there…what are you doing?
Teru: Ah…haha, how embarrassing…I seem to have lost my commuter pass…
(I knew he was a good person)
Akira: You mean ‘this’ commuter pass?
Teru: !!! That’s it! No way, you picked it up for me, thank you!!
Akira: haha Want me to give it back? What will you give me in compensation?
Teru: Huh…?
Akira: At occasions such as this it’s customary to give a reward, right? As well as saying ‘thank you’?
Teru: …I-I see…of course…let’s see (digs in bag) …can of juice…no…reward money maybe…? (small text says something about 2,000 and 400 yen but can’t see it well..maybe she’s offering 400 of her 2000 yen?)
Akira: Err…that’s not a lot of money…nope, nope, that won’t work, I wanted something better than that…money won’t buy this back, it should be something important, right?
For example…”love” among other things
Teru: (No way. What is this?! ) Sto-
Teru: Stop it!!! (hits Akira with bag)
Akira: …ouch…man, that was mean!
Teru: M-mean? What about you?! What are you doing!! I don’t believe it! I thought you were a good person! (this guy is the worst!)
Akira: What’s this? Don’t blow a gasket now. That was…a token of acquaintance? Something like that? Hahaha Wow – you’re really red, what’s wrong?
Teru: (This jerk…)
Akira: Maybe that was your first kiss, huh?
Teru: (This jerk doesn’t resemble Onii-chan what so ever!) (Teru runs away)
Akira: (calling after Teru) Eh? You don’t want your commuter pass? Haha Well okay then…Until next time, Te-ru-channnn!
Teru: (I won’t be seeing you again. I won’t…)
Kurosaki: Kissed? Why? By who?
Page 28:
Riko suggests Teru talk to Daisy (since she is upset about the kiss) since he is special to her.
Teru's message: Daisy, it's Teru. I was kissed by someone I didn't know, however there was nothing I could do to prevent it. (There is more message on the phone but I won't translate now)

I wanted my first kiss to be with the person I like.

Daisy's text message
The thing bothering Teru is not worth it. Please don't worry about it.
I think the incident is trivial.

(Teru think to herself how comforting Daisy's writing is and that he's probably right, then she sees there is more of his message.)

But this thing I am saying is a lie. I do care very much.
In this case I would have lost my patience/self control.
I wish I could come to you to kiss you.
I would make you forget the bad kiss you got from that child.

Daisy's second messsage:
on phone:
That thing I said is a lie.
Please ignore that last message.
That was just a lame joke. Truly it was a lie. Pardon me, I’m sorry.
T: A lie…?

End of page 34:
Akira: Yo! You visiting Midorikawa’s grave too?
Riko: Ah…yes…the one right over there…
Akira: Yep, that’s right. (walking away) Take care, now.

Note: Midorikawa is the author of the book Kishiyo has on page 18.

Chapter 20 Partial Translation

This translation is for satisfying curiosities only. It is absolutely *not* to be used for scanaltions.

Page 1:
I’m sorry Daisy, it’s my fault, I’m so sorry
Page 2:
Teru’s friend: Teru!! What happened? No way! Kurosaki-san….what the…?!
Page 3:
Teru: It’s no good he’s too heavy to move, call an ambulance to come now….Should we get Riko-sensei?
Teru’s large guy friend: Teru what about you? Are you alright?
Teru: I’m calm and okay. Kurosaki got hurt protecting me. Sorry, I’ll explain later. Please hurry…
Teru’s large guy friend: Y-yeah. I understand.
Teru’s phone rings. A mail?
Page 4:
Teru: W-who is it from? At a time like this—
Taunting mail from fake daisy
Teru: Whatever…I have to hurry and call the ambulance…
Teru’s friend: W-wait Teru! I’ll call, your face is too pale!
Teru: …………I’m okay……………….. (phone ringing ambulance)……………I’m okay………………..
Page 5: “It’s your fault…seeing as how you dragged him into this”
“I’m so sorry Daisy….I’m so sorry”
Page 6:
Chairman: Excuse me…is it okay to go in yet?
Nurse: He is being examined now. I’m sorry you will have to wait here.
Page 7
Master: Riko!
Riko: Master! You came? Didn’t call, by some chance’s time to notify..
Master: You said a million to one odds. Don’t say such ominous things. And? Is Tasuku okay?
Chairman: Masuda, enough with the shouting, making such noise won’t help anything getting flustered like that
Master: What’s with this crap! Your main point is?!
Riko: W-wait a sec! Stop it! In this situation this isn’t…
Page 8
Master don’t get so emotional! Chairman you too! Stop saying things to get on each others nerves!
Teru thinking: …I’m sorry…all of this is happening because of me. I easily fell into such a trap like an idiot. It’s my fault everyone is being put through this. Even Kiyoshi was used like this
Page 9
I’m sorry…because of me you were unnecessarily injured…getting hurt like that to protect me…I’m sorry for being such a nuisance…I’m sor-
“Teru, what’s the matter?” “You’re acting strange, you know.”
SFX: Klonk!
Riko: Te-Teru-chan…what’s wrong!? I know you’re worried but to go that far….
Page 11:
That was out of line, I am sorry to disturb you (?) She’s speaking really weird…I don’t know if I want to try to understand it. :p
Nurse: Excuse me, you may enter Kurosaki-san’s room now. I will explain his condition if you’ll follow me this way.
Teru: (thinking) Kurosaki---
Nurse: Due to the blow he received a cranial contusion
Page 12
Doctor - Because of these dangers he’ll need to be observed for safety. He has a concussion which can have severe symptoms. Fortunately he did not take a direct hit. I stitched up the wound, but it wasn’t that big. He’ll have to be reexamined when he gain consciousness. For right now there is no immediate danger.
Page 13
Doctor: He should be able to leave hospital soon, but will require rest. He might also have some confusion or short term memory loss
Riko: I see…Understood.
Doctor: Keep an eye on him and if he wakes up ring the nurse. And please, keep quite inside of the hospital.
Riko: Yes, I’m sorry
Teru: (thinking) It’s no good. As I thought it’s no good.
Page 14
Teru: (thinking) and this special person…
Chairman: Teru-chan
Teru: Eh…ah w-what y-yes?
Chairman: I apologize for acting like that while I was so anxious, but I want to ask something. Do you have any idea who the criminal was that did this?
Teru: ……eh……
Chairman: Even just a little hint would be good. Who let you know where to go when..
Master: Oi, Andou
Page 15
Master: Stop saying those things right now, you also need to quiet down, understand what is inappropriate before opening your trap
(They bicker some more before Riko breaks it up – I don’t feel like translating it now :) )
Page 16
Riko: Chairman too, you cool it too. You’ve got a responsibility, I get it. But to be in a hurry right now is too much! For your information, it’s not my tenderness for me not to beat you but a punishment to not beat!
Chairman: I see…I’m very sorry…
Riko yells more about the bickering in a hospital
Kurosaki: A….? What the… ouch….
Teru: Ku-Kurosaki…everyone! Kurosaki’s waking up!
Page 17:
Kurosaki: Eh…? What is this place?
Riko: Hey don’t move yet!! Can you remember anything?
Kurosaki: A…? Hmm…let’s see what happened…
Riko: Okay, relax…can you say your name and age?
Kurosaki: Eh? Say them? Kurosaki Tasuku…and…24 years old…?
Riko: What’s the year, month, and date?
Kurosaki: Ah…Let’s see..200X, October, and it’s the Xth. (the X’s are there in Japanese :p )
Riko: What is the name of the beautiful woman you are speaking to now?
Kurosaki: old hag Onizuka Riko
Riko: And what would be this unequaled beauty Riko-sama’s age?
Kurosaki: Thirt—
Kurosaki: …no..uh..that’s weird, I suddenly can’t remember, how odd
Riko: Yep (heart) thanks goodness, it appears everything is normal
Kurosaki: ……………… aa, that’s right

Chapter 19 by Ochibichan

Ochibichan has released the English scanlation of Dengeki Daisy chapter 19! Go to their website now to download it!