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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 25 English

Ochibichan have release Chapter 25 in English! Go to their IRC channel to download and congratulate them on their FIVE year anniversary! Don't forget to say thank you!

For those that need it, this page from Ochibichan's forums has IRC tutorials to help guide you.

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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 39 Summaries

Animegakki has translated chapter 39 - it is available here! Make sure to give her a big thanks!

YESSS I finally finished translating chapter 39 after straining my eyes for 5 days My eyes are officially dead. Translations are a bit shake around pg 17,19-20, 23, & 26 but hey, my concentration was pretty much gone at that point. Here's chapter 39, translated to the best of my (lacking) ability………

Title Page
Souichirou—Teru’s brother who died to save DAISY. The feelings he left behind and the “sin” Kurosaki must overcome are…?

Pg 2

“Jack Frost.” It was a foreign legend’s spirit that took the form of a young boy who loved pranks—and cruelty. Anyone who made him angry became frozen in ice……

Pg 3

Bearing the same name as that spirit… the virus code that was created by Kurosaki: “Jack ‘O Frost”.
Riko: At that time… what was encrypted by Jack Frost was Souichirou’s PC and Professor Midorikawa’s research room’s PC… and at that time, Professor Midorikawa was…
Teru: … Was Kurosaki the one who did that? That kind of… there must be something else… is that Kurosaki’s “sin”…?

Pg 4

Is that really an unforgivable sin? Even if that was a judgment he wished for based on his own feelings……
Souichirou: … Yes
The only thing I can say for sure is—
Souichirou: … This is Kurebayashi Souichirou.
Guy: Excuse me for the sudden call. This is Professor Midorikawa’s legal advisor.
Riko: Who is it? Calling at this kind of time…
Souichirou: Eh? What was that? Could you please repeat that one more time…… what about the Professor? Taken away in an ambulance…? … What happened?
Guy: … I don’t know. And also… it seems that the whereabouts of the one who discovered the Professor and called the ambulance is unknown. He was a young man with blonde hair who called himself “Kurosaki”.

Pg 5

Onodzuka: Kurebayashi-kun! Goodness! This has turned into such a mess, hasn’t it? Your laptop was also affected, right? This is terrible.
Riko: Director Onodzuka…
Onodzuka: No, no, no! I understand. This wasn’t your fault. I see… so this is a sample of that code virus? It’s definitely that hacker Kurosaki-kun’s doing. There’s no mistake. I thought that he was a dangerous man from the very beginning. It seems your honored teacher Professor Midorikawa was also attacked by the same virus. Furthermore, this is regrettable. It seems that the Professor himself was attacked. It must be shocking, but please don’t let it get you down. Though you’re the boss, this isn’t your responsibility. This won’t damage your record. But you know, whatever happens from now on…
Souichirou: —Director.

Pg 6

Souichirou: Excuse me. I understand the situation very well. Will that be all? I have urgent work to attend to.
Onodzuka: Y… you’re right. How admirable. Even in this kind of situation… ahh, you should take your PC to the Damage and Repair Department.
Souichirou: That’s alright. I haven’t entered in any important data yet. But please hurry and get me a new one, okay? … Takeda. What happened?
Takeda: Why are you asking me? I don’t know anything. More importantly, aren’t you supposed to be getting back to work? It’s a job you have to do this minute, right?
Souichirou: Haha. You’re right. I will.
Riko: Sou… worrying about work at a time like this…
Souichirou: —Now then…

Pg 7

Souichirou: Let’s go, Team Kurebayashi! It seems like we’ve been dragged into a conspiracy. We’re going to go save the incompetent kid. Andy, I’ll hear about what happened later. For now, focus on what’s in front of you. I’m going to need your help. You, too, Master. Don’t blame yourself for what happened. I was the one responsible for keeping an eye on him. Your true worth is with the nation, right? I’m counting on you. Riko, don’t worry. The Tasuku you’ve known till now, believe in him. First, we have to find and secure Tasuku. That’s the top priority. We’ll figure out what to do from there.

Pg 8

—The only thing I can say for sure is… there was no hesitation in Souichirou’s decision to save Kurosaki. From beginning ‘til the end—
(the rest of the text is just an announcement about the trains)

Pg 9

Man: “—This is not an order. It’s a request. However, please think it over carefully. We accepted your entry into the company with good intentions. We took you in regardless of the heavy damage of your former crime. You understand, correct? I hear you went to college and are aiming for employment as a researcher. That kind of thinking is a bit na├»ve, is it not? That’s right. First, you must atone for what you’ve done.”

Pg 10

Man: “Isn’t this fortunate? This means your sin can become the price of forgiveness. Your product, Jack ‘O Frost, is the only thing that is of value. That’s right. That’s correct. Of course you want to be forgiven. It has certainly been accepted. Oh, that’s right. ‘What will I use it for?’, right? Professor Midorikawa is acquaintance of yours, isn’t he?”

Pg 11

Man: “He will tell you. He’ll tell you everything. That person was very worried about you after all… he kept saying that there was something he wanted to tell you no matter what.”

Pg 12

Man: “He surely wanted to tell you that your sins have been forgiven.”
(more train announcements)

Pg 13

(and more train announcements…)

pg 14

(Souichirou saves Kurosaki)

Pg 15

Souichirou: Honestly… what do you think you’re doing? I finally found you. Ahh, hello Master? Amazing, it’s just as you thought. Yeah, I caught him at the train station. You were right on the mark. I’ll talk to you later, okay? … That’s no good, Tasuku. The train home isn’t this way. Next time, you have to follow the rules of the train station. That was dangerous. Are you mad? Well, after this you’ll be getting a lecture from me, so I’m taking you with me, alright?

Pg 16

Riko: —Souichirou slowly spent time getting Kurosaki to tell him what happened. The Professor passed away. He was injected with drugs and then beaten to death… at a glance, anyone could mistake it for suicide.
Teru: … Kurosaki wasn’t the one who killed him, right?
Riko: Of course he didn’t. The criminal was someone else. Kurosaki called an ambulance but he was too late… he’s not a slow, thick-headed person. Yet, even though he saw everything in the Professor’s room, he didn’t think that the Professor would be attacked by the Jack Frost that he himself created.

Pg 17

Riko: In order to manipulate Kurosaki, the criminal used his “guilt for his sin”. With just that, he was able to paralyze Kurosaki’s ability to think clearly as well as his ability to tell right from wrong. Why did he think “I have to make up for my sin here and now”? Why was the compensation Jack Frost? These tricky questions he held onto made him think he was sinful. Do you understand that kind of feeling? Teru-chan……
Mori: “What if you helped catch the criminal? If you do that, you’ll be forgiven… that’s fine, isn’t it?”

Pg 18

Teru: … Yes… I do…
Souichirou: Eat up! This shumai is delicious, you know? You’ve been talking so much. Are you tired? Do you want something to drink?

Pg 19

Souichirou: … I won’t say that you weren’t wrong.
Kurosaki: Yeah.
Souichirou: … But that must’ve been hard on you… (idk what he says next. Something about being unreasonable and shameless/bold or something :P)

Pg 20

Souichirou: And you know, Tasuku, there’s one thing you’re misunderstanding. The Professor’s death wasn’t because of your Jack Frost. In fact, it definitely wasn’t a suicide.
Kurosaki: Eh…
Souichirou: He was killed by a criminal who tried to frame you (that is probably most likely wrong). The Professor wasn’t the kind of man who would commit suicide. If the data was damaged by Jack Frost, he would’ve focused his will-power on creating a solution from scratch. That’s why the criminal killed the Professor and attacked the data on his PC. By doing that from the beginning, the information the Professor was waiting for was completely destroyed. Using Jack Frost to attack the data… turned out smoothly. Even the murder, everything was probably planned to push you to the edge. You even tried to kill yourself. Makes me think everything went according to plan. After all, a dead person can’t talk.

Pg 21

Souichirou: And then…
Teru: Onii-chan, since when did you get home… oh, a guest?
Souichirou: That’s right. He’s a friend from work.
Teru: G-good evening! I’m his younger sister, Teru. Thank you for always looking after my brother.
Kurosaki: Y... yeah… sorry for being here this late…
Souichirou: What’s wrong, Teru? Why don’t you come over here if you’re going to introduce yourself?
Teru: I can’t! My hair’s all messy and I’m in my pajamas! Excuse me for my smelly brother! It was nice to meet you! Good night!
Souichirou: So? That is my pride and soul! Is she cute? She’s cute, isn’t she?
Kurosaki: … No, well… I didn’t even see her face.
Souichirou: Even if you have thoughts of making her your bride, I won’t let you have her.
Kurosaki: … I wasn’t thinking that, idiot.
Souichirou: Huh? I definitely insulted you just now, didn’t I? Sorry, I was just kidding.
Kurosaki: IDIOT!!

Pg 22

Souichirou: Hey. This was given to me from the Professor. He asked me to look at it if anything were to happen to him. Out of the many sheets of paper in here, one of them was addressed to you. The Professor knew that he was being targeted. Seems like he was prepared to some degree. If by chance something were to happen, as long he was able to pass on this piece of information to us, then I think he had no regrets.
Letter: —To Kurosaki-kun

Pg 23

Letter: Kurosaki-kun, if you are reading this letter, then I am most likely already dead. Even so, there are some things I must tell you no matter what. Your father—Takahiro-kun was an extraordinary person. He was definitely not a dirty spy or anything of that sort. I betrayed him for my own personal reasons. I wanted make the truth and the reason for my betrayal clear. I always believed I should be punished for what I did. If I finished carrying that out, I would continue to be punished in hell. Please forgive me. You are young. No matter what, you will be okay. Be happy and fortunate. I will be accompanying your father in heaven.

Pg 24

Souichirou: … Tasuku. What will you do from now on?
Kurosaki: I… I’ll hand myself over to the police. Even if I was dragged into this, the one who made Jack Frost was me…
Souichirou: Yes, that’s right. That’s a good idea. If it’s a sin you can atone for, then you should atone for it. Tell them the truth.
Kurosaki: Yeah.
Souichirou: Everyone will be waiting for you.
Kurosaki: Yeah.
Souichirou: If you come back, I might even let you date my sister.
Kurosaki: ………………… Yeah.
The next day, Kurosaki turned himself into the police.

Pg 25

Then, several days later—
Souichirou: Riko, where’s Andy?
Riko: He’s not here today either. In the end, he must’ve felt that he was responsible and is feeling down. I was told he reported the conversation he had the day he met the professor to the director. It seems like he knew the Professor’s decipher of Jack was being hindered… (most likely wrong)
Souichirou: Well, of course. It was the enterprise that created Jack. They would want to prevent having it deciphered.
Riko: …… Even if they had to “kill”? Within in the company…
Souichirou: Moreover, the guy who dragged Tasuku into this, it seems he was a representative from the Director’s personal department who called himself “Nakano” but… here’s no such person in the department.
Riko: Then that means that there’s an outside accomplice?
Souichirou: Possibly… (can’t make out the furigana but something about the detectives in the area working together maybe?)

Pg 26

Riko: Alright, I got it. Let sleeping dogs lie. (for those who don’t know, it means to leave the situation alone so you won’t cause trouble) As I thought, you want Tasuku to be innocent. Even if we’re cheating.
The truth is, Master had already informed us of the progress.
Souichirou: This means that Jack Frost is involved in more than a highly classified national code. The same as before, it’s made to silence us. But I don’t know if taking Tasuku was a good thing or not… (this whole part is most likely wrong…)
Instead of being accused for the creation of the virus, the whole case would be buried in the darkness. We felt somewhat angry, but it couldn’t be helped. (because the Professor’s death wouldn’t be investigated)
Souichirou: In the end, what should Tasuku do? … What exactly is a sin…?
We thought that Kurosaki would be coming back to us soon—

Pg 27

But soon after, the situation completely turned around.
Souichirou: … What? Tasuku is the murder suspect…?
The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ bureaucrats and Master did it in complete secrecy.
Souichirou: Hey, Master! What the hell is this guy saying?! What does he mean?! This is completely different from what you told me!
Master: Listen to me dammit! This is infuriating to me, too!
Souichirou: What the hell! Please investigate this properly! There’s just no way!! Tasuku confessed, didn’t he?!
Man: No… it’s not like that.

Pg 28

Man: We were pressured by a politician. This case was being silenced by a group more powerful than us. That politician is this case’s principle offender. The information the Professor was waiting to present to the public was extremely feared. The director of your company was forced to cooperate to obtain the virus and launched the attack. (either that or the director cooperated and forced the attack… one or the other :P) Furthermore, the murderer of the Professor… the same perpetrator that Kurosaki-san made Jack Frost for… is the politician’s personal secretary.
Souichirou: … Hey, hold on a minute. If you know that much, then just arrest them already. It’s just them trying to silence the case, right?
Man: … There’s not enough evidence. Not just this case. The case from seven years ago—the death of our friend Kurosaki Takahiro—also did not have enough evidence.

Pg 29

Man:—This is Professor Midorikawa’s laptop hard drive. Everything is encrypted by Jack Frost. Please, Kurebayashi Souichirou-san. Please decode it. Inside is the evidence we need. The Professor is now dead. The only chance we have of decoding Jack Frost… the “trump card” of this investigation is you. If you can successfully decode it, I will definitely make sure that Kurosaki Tasuku-kun’s innocence is restored!

Pg 30

Riko: What’re you saying?! That—
Souichirou: Quiet, Riko. You’re saying you understand, don’t you? (think that might be wrong) This is the same as threatening me. You’re saying you don’t know what’ll happen to Tasuku… saying that much must mean that. You also know about my sickness, don’t you?
Riko: Eh…?
Souichirou: No matter how you look at it, this is unorthodox. I can't imagine you're the same as us humans. You’re even worse than that damn politician.
Man: … Yes, I know. It’s just as you said.
Souichirou: … You were prepared to lose everything by coming here, weren’t you?
Man: Yes.
Souichirou: You’ll really, truly try to help Tasuku, right?
Man: Yes.

Pg 31

With the remaining six months of his life…
Souichirou: “Really, I’ll protect you. Even if I die, I’ll protect you. If you want, I’ll protect you even after I die—“
Souichirou devoted everything he had to decoding Jack.

Pg 32

Riko: Even if he devoted his time on his medical treatment, the chance of being cured was slim… he threw that possibility away and put his life on the line to protect Kurosaki… Kurosaki didn’t know anything at all. When he finally came back, Souichirou was already on the hospital bed…
Souichirou: “Welcome back, Tasuku.”
Riko: That was where the “DAISY” you knew was born.

Pg 33

Riko: Kurosaki has continued to look after you…
Hey, Onii-chan.
Riko: Just as Souichirou told him to.
I understand. You weren’t mistaken.
Riko: Even so, Kurosaki has continued to suffer. He believes that “DAISY’S” sin cannot be forgiven.
From now on, I’m going to go save Kurosaki.

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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 39 RAW

Dengeki Daisy chapter 39 is out! Please go here to download!

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New Betsucomi

The official preview says: "Kurosaki's past and his sin are revealed!"