Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dengeki Daisy Chapter 31 by Ochibichan

The great Ochibichan has released chapter 31 in English! Head on over to their IRC channel to download.

As always, Ochibichan has a handy guide here on how to use IRC.

Dengeki Daisy Chapter 46 Summary

Fujioshi has finished her summary of Dengeki Daisy chapter 46! Link here

Also, the above color pic is the cover of volume 9! Yay!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dengeki Daisy Raws Masterlist link

So it seems Mangafox's DD forum is...having problems. So I'm posting the direct link to Eimy's post of raw downloads. If the official mangafox post completely disappears raws might be completely mirrored here. Hopefully that won't happen!

Leave a comment if you're having trouble accessing them.

And to go along with the comprehensive list of raws - here's a comprehensive wallpaper of kurosaki panels I made forever ago! :p

Edit: So word is on MF that the admin's decided to merge less popular manga forums. So now DD forum is no more. Instead we're supposed to use one forum for all manga starting with the letter D. Feel free to post in this thread to tell MF how stupid this is if you disagree.

This is how I feel on the matter ==>

Dengeki Daisy Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Summary brought to you by Fujioshi!

Dengeki Daisy Chapter 44

Sorry for the delay in posting folks! I am still updating, just very busy. :)