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PART 1 - Dengeki Daisy 35 Summary

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To be finished later when the full chapter is available...

The first part is Teru dreaming.

Kurosaki: Teru, I’m sorry. It was me who killed your brother. I understand you cannot forgive this. I’m sorry.
Teru: Wait! Please, don’t leave! Please! Stay by my side…I --
Akira: Heehee! Give it up already. Daisy’s already long gone. Don’t you understand reality? Right now you have nothing. Saying “Don’t leave,” “Stay by my side,” “I believe in you”
Teru: (No way…Why? Save me. Protect me, Daisy. )
Akira: Don’t you understand? I’ll say it more simply, okay? When he left, Daisy didn’t even look back.
Sou: Daisy killed me. This is a fact. Understand? Because of this, Daisy has ran away from your side.
Teru: (why?)
(Akira turns into Sou in Teru's dream.)
Sou: In this way whether you cry or grieve, your gentle Daisy will not return.
Teru: (why Onii-chan…)
Sou: You don’t get it? From now on things are different. Do you still want Daisy to rescue you?

Teru's dream ends when she gets woken by Riko. Teru is lying on the floor beneath a stove with a pot cooking.

…-ru-chan!....Teru-chan! Teru-chan!!!! Snap out of it!!! Teru-chan…!
Teru: …ah….huh? Riko-san…what the..?
Riko: Don’t what me!! That was scary! Are you okay? Are you ill!? You must have inhaled the gas and passed out…
Teru: (Ah..that’s right…) aha…sorry….Dang…I must have dozed off while cooking…Today I’m making curry! It’s sweet curry. I think Kurosaki will want to some when he comes back….Riko-san, do you want some too? You were out late and I was getting hungry
Riko: …I’m sorry, Teru-chan…Kurosaki is still missing…Master, the chairman, they’ve both been frantically looking as well…So please, stay strong. I’m so really sorry. To think it’s become like this….

There is back story of what happened when Teru was in the hospital after the ferriswheel incident. I'll translate this tomorrow.

The scene switches to Kurosaki after that. It looks like he's somewhere near the ocean. It turns out he didn't throw his phone away in the previous chapter (even though he tossed his laptop). He has a ton of missed calls, voice mails, and mails. He's listening to a voicemail from Riko.

"…it’s Riko. Where are you? What are you doing? Everyone is worried about you. …Teru too…."

He snaps his phone shut. Takeda meets him and they start talking.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chapter 34 Translation

Page 19:
T: Onii-chan didn’t die because he was sick? Daisy ‘killed’ him? That’s obviously nonsense! Why would Daisy do such a terrible thing?
A: Hm? Ah, that’s right. I get it. Killed isn’t quite the right word I guess…How about, “It was Daisy’s fault your brother passed away.” It’s more specific if I say it that way, right?
Daisy created this bad thing that started a lot of trouble. Your brother was dragged into this. It used up all his strength. It killed him.

Page 31-34
Teru, I’m sorry. You said it was me who killed your precious nii-san. That is the truth. I believe it can never be forgiven.
T: Kurosaki!! Kurosaki!!!! Please answer your phone!!!
I’ve hurt you. I will disappear. I am a coward.
T: That mail was a lie! It wasn’t from me! You know that, right?! Don’t leave!!!
Please, hate me.
T: Move this ferris wheel faster! Faster!!! Daisy’s leaving!! Hurry!!! Don’t leave, Daisy! Don’t leave!!! Don’t… (Akira uses a stun-gun on Teru)
For pretending to not know my true identity – thank you.
A: ..what the heck…all that for Daisy…
For always standing beside me smiling – thank you.
For accepting my uncute mean temper – thank you.

Chapter 26 (very partial)

Page 32 is basically a monologue of Teru thinking in her head. These are all direct Teru thoughts:

She says she doesn't remember very much about 'that time' which I assume is the time from just a few minutes ago? (Sorry, its late, I could be wrong)

I see Master.

He is saying "Arai is alright."

I'm relieved. I closed my eyes it feels like.

I can hear a heart beating fast. It's not mine.

I'm warm and sleepy.

She says something like she feels someone's cheek on her head or something (didn't bother too much with this because it confused me).

Page 33:

Teru: ...rigato....daisuki .....Daisy.... (She's saying thank you, but not saying the full word - (rigato instead of arigatou) I think just to emphasize she's kind of out of it. Daisuki is basically 'I love you'

(Teru thinking again)

I feel like I said something but I don't remember.